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After the incredible success of African Dangerous Game Cartridges (ADGC) readers and collectors of his extremely popular hunting cartridges column in Wildland magazine, clamoured for him to also publish these articles in a book format similar to ADGC and create a 4-volume set on popular African cartridges. After eight years of resisting Pierre finally conceded.

African Medium Game Cartridges is the second book in the planned 4-volume series and covers the 38 most popular African hunting cartridges in .270, 7mm, .30 and .303 calibres. The discussion structure is virtually identical than in ADGC and the page design closely follows that precedent. African Medium Game Cartridges is also divided into two sections. The first covers topics such as expanding bullet characteristics, killing power theories, trauma factor (the author’s interpretation of animal demise) and a detailed discussion of secondary explosion effect. In the second section the history, design characteristics, performance and application of these cartridges are discussed in the finest detail. Every discussion ends with reloading tips and extensive data for all the popular propellants in the world, including South African. All in all 7,300 reloads are provided, making African Medium Game Cartridges the most extensive reference work on these cartridges in history.

This large format, laminated hard cover, coffee table book by one of the world’s leading cartridge experts is destined to become even more popular and higher rated than his ADGC. It extends 496 pages and contains just shy of 400 images, virtually all in full colour. Since the author is committed to first complete the two remaining books in the series before reprinting, this book will not be republished for many years to come. Order you copy now.

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